Industry Patio Party

Sunday, August 21st – 9 pm

Charcoal barbecue, bins ends and ping pong! Take on reigning champion Chef Jamie in a ping pong tournament to the death (serious contenders can BYOP – bring your own paddle).

BBQ, canapés, wines & pingpong. What’s not to love? Call 819-600-7643 to reserve.

Tasting the Big Ones

Monday, July 25 – 6-8 pm, only 15 seats

Ever wonder how 2 champagnes with different disgorgement dates differ? (We know this keeps you up at night.) Want to taste some Didier Dagueneau? (Of course you do.) A German Riesling from the 70s? (Are you kidding?) Well, now’s your chance! We’ll be opening some bottles from way back in the cellar.

A 12-wine tasting for $195 (taxes and service incl.). With Vero, intimate setting. Loads of pleasure for a few!

Call 819-600-7643 to reserve.

Wine Pairing Throwdown

Wednesday, July 27 – 5:30/6:30/7:30 pm

Is Véronique REALLY the best? You be the judge.

Sit down to a 4-course dinner prepared by our chef Jamie Stunt and with each course we’ll pour 2 wines: one chosen by Véro and one chosen by our sommelier-servers. You get to decide which one is the better match. We’ll keep score on the chalkboard and the winner gets bragging rights for the year.

$85 + tx & service

Call 819-600-7643 to reserve. Please advise us of any allergies ahead of time.

Coming down the pipe in August

31 days of German Riesling – all month!

Riesling Workshop – Aug 16

Wine Pairing Dinner – Aug 24