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Many of you have been asking when we would resume our workshops. And we were getting antsy too! But, as for the reopening of the restaurant, we wanted to make sure we could do it the safest and most secure way possible for all.

So, we’re super excited to offer our workshops again. They will take place on the patio or inside, depending on the weather, but in any case will respect social distancing and all safety measures. Workshops are now limited to 14 participants, and tickets are only available for 2 people (no single ticket). We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is the only way that allows us to optimize our space.

What will not change? Our workshops will be as fun and educational as ever! And interactions will be easier thanks to smaller group sizes 🙂

Our first two workshops are in French. We will be announcing some in English soon. Let us know if you have any preferred subjects! We’re ready to tackle anything 🙂