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For groups of up to 10 people

Would you like to organize a tasting or a workshop at home? We’ve got you covered: Soif will come to your home! Roxanne or Serge, our two super sommeliers, will come to your house (with a mask of course!) for a 2-hour event. We will work with you in advance on determining a theme – we have tons of suggestions! Be it for a group of beginners, a bunch of geeks, or a happy blend of both.

The cost is $400 (before taxes) for the sommelier’s services and for planning. Wines and food are not included. Our sommelier will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the event to prepare the wines for service.

Planning of course includes helping you select the wines. You may choose from our Wines to go list at Soif (private import wines, not available at the SAQ); your sommelier would then bring them along. Or you can choose from the SAQ, in which case you will have to pick them.

We would of course be more than happy to also suggest some canapés from Soif to go with the selected wines. For more information, please contact us!